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          Why have children today in this modern generation? lsn't the world overpopulated? Not really. If every man, woman and child would each stand in one square foot area, the whole world's population would fit in the city limits of Jacksonville, Florida.

        But what about all the trouble babies cause? Babies need endless diapering and feeding. Babies donít sleep all night. Babies are just a nuisance, especially after two of them. Most women have their own lives to live and babies/ children just don't fit in. Most women would rather be in the work force, meeting people, supervising men and doing their own thing.

        The JOYS of having and raising babies/children has far greater rewards then the everyday tasks. There is the JOY of seeing a new born baby; the JOY of children laughing over a birthday cake, the JOY of that first experience on the bicycle, the JOY of your teenager receiving their driver's license, the JOY of your child walking down the wedding aisle, and the JOY of Grandchildren sitting upon your knee.

        Who can bear children? There is only one species on the planet Earth, and her name is called woman. When God created Adam and Eve, HE said, " ... be fruitful and multiply..." Genesis 1:28. If God would have created Adam and Ernie they could not multiply. If God had created Amy and Eve they could not have multiplied. God created Adam (male) and Eve (female) right from the beginning to multiply.

        If you are married, can you say that you are fruitful? It would be terrible if trees, plants and vines only bore one or two pieces of fruit and then just wanted to enjoy the garden for themselves alone. If this were to happen, the unfruitful tree or vine would be destroyed. Will God destroy you for being an unfruitful woman in HIS human vineyard, the earth? Human beings are the only creature capable of planned self sterilization. Are you fruitful or will you be destroyed by God?

America is falling a part from within.
We have gross immorality and
diminishing concern for the sanctity
of life. Abortion being (the ultimate

child abuse).  Over 42 MILLION babies
have been murdered in their motherís
womb, legally? We have aborted
national prosperity.   Our Social
Security has also been aborted
by using Birth Control.  All of this
is the
result of the ruin of the biblical
Godly family, (until death do us part)
the very heart of the nation.
Once the heart dies, everything
else dies. Why is the heart dying?
One Word Ė WOMAN.

        Women no longer have a heart and love for children. Women donít want to do their natural duties (having and caring for babies). Women want to become men, either equal to or superior in home, work, authority and government. Women have so educated the men of today, that they no longer desire marriage.   So the few real women which would like to marry and raise a family are either told to go to work by their husband (to enjoy life more) or stay single for lack of a good husband.   Many men just flat have no interest in the responsibilities and commitment of marriage because they are already enjoying all the benefits of marriage with some Jezebel without any responsibility or commitment. Once women become men, they are no longer needed in the home. Some have even made their man a house-husband so she can remain ďout of the homeĒ at work in the manís role.  These ladies really hate the inconvenience of children.  They rather be a run around at the office and soon divorce and remarry.  The divorce rate directly follows the rate of women in the work place with men.

        Some men therefore, no longer look for a woman as a helpmate (wife),  because women have become a threat to their manhood. What happens next? Men then look to other men for companionship instead of Women.  And the frustrated woman rejected by men turns to women.  Itís no secret that Sodomy is growing today, because people have rejected Godís design for the home and reproduction of the human race. And you guessed it - - WOMEN - - are a root cause"!   It started in the Garden of Eden when Eve first lead the first man to complete ruin and lose with God.

        Have you ever asked men what they want in a  woman? They like quiet and submissive women. Not loud mouth rebellious women.  Head strong, bossy, demanding, rude, over-bearing, MAUDE. They like feminine women (in the true sense) who dress like ladies in dresses and have not cut their glory off (long hair).  Men do not want women who wear the pants, or men's suits and whacked off hair like men. Men like home-cooking not T.V. dinners or fast food all the time. Men want a woman to listen to them and not try to compete all the time in work, raising the children, and making decisions.

        God says, "Children are an heritage of the Lord and the fruit of the womb is HIS reward." Psalms 127:3.  This means children are a blessing or inheritance from God. Good health and finances are all blessings from God too. Yet I have never heard anyone say Ė ďI can't bear the thought of having more good healthĒ?  Or this: ďGod, I definitely don't want any more money, just keep me from getting any more children."  We have no right to accept some blessings and reject other blessings from God. In Proverbs 31:28, "Her children arise up and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praiseth her." When was the last time your children or husband called you blessed? My prayer is that one day you will be called blessed by being fruitful and having all the children God wants to Bless you with.

        If you are a sinner and want to get right with God, you can ask forgiveness right where you are by praying to Jesus (YaHshau) Christ (Messiah) and asking HIM to forgive you of your sins. If you would like someone to talk with or pray with, please feel free to CALL or Email me.

        I love being a FRUITFUL woman and you can. too.

     Coleen Sabin

Slightly edited by my husband
if you would like my original
please send SASE to:

Coleen Sabin
19591 Kelsay Road
Barnett, MO  65011

        This was first wrote by me in about 1985 when I had my fifth child and people started asking me the title.  People would point and start counting, I was out of step with society, and they would give me weird looks.   Now in 2007 I have nine children, 2 of them married, and TEN grandchildren.  Iím called BLESSED often by my family, and I AM BLESSED.


Coleen    1-573-378-1917

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